D3G is always looking for talented individuals to join their team, even during a pandemic! We sat down with our HR Director, Beth Petersen, to talk about how training and onboarding is handled currently. We’re excited to be adding to our work family and continue to grow despite changes in how we conduct business! 



Can you elaborate on D3G’s remote training and onboarding? 


Using our internal technologies, we have been able to virtually interview and onboard new employees.  In addition, we have been fortunate to enable remote training for new employees, as well as introduce them to the organization through virtual Meet and Greets. Lastly, we do frequent check-ins to ensure they are assimilating well to the organization and assist with any resources they may need.


How has D3G been strategic in finding and hiring remote applicants to meet client’s needs? 


Working with senior leaders, we have been able to determine where D3G has work (inspections) and then strategically map out the best locations for new hires. In addition, due to the pandemic, travel is done primarily via driving, so this is a consideration when looking at new hire locations and proximity to jobs.


Due to nationwide layoffs, has D3G seen an uptick in the number of applications that have been received? 


We are currently posting for several positions, so we are receiving many applications on a daily basis. 


How have you handled the volume of applications that have rolled in?


We use an Applicant Tracking System and each applicant is reviewed and forwarded to the hiring manager for an in-depth review. Depending upon the number of applicants for any one position, HR will often regroup with hiring managers a few times a week for status updates. Lastly, we keep our communications with applicants solely in our Applicant Tracking System vs. email so we can quickly access and not have to search through emails.


When determining the proper applicant for a position, how do you determine if someone is invested in growing with the company, rather than seeking a short-term employment opportunity? 


I believe that this can be determined by the level of engagement during the interview, questions asked, as well as if the candidate researched the company prior to the interview. I also like to inquire about long-term professional goals and where they see themselves five years down the road. This data can often assist when thinking about longevity within the organization and/or role.


Can you share a little bit more about the vetting process? 


D3G’s application process is very thorough and each applicant must complete a virtual interview, in addition to submitting their resume. The questions within the virtual interview are specific to the role the applicant is applying for and based upon responses, this helps us determine applicable candidates. 


As much of our hiring has moved to phone and video, how do you determine which staff will be included in the multiple levels of screening? What technologies have we leveraged? 


We typically will start the interview process with an initial phone/video screen using Microsoft Teams so we can learn more about the candidate and share details about the position and organization. Often times, the hiring manager and another member of the team will participate in the initial phone screen. Based upon the results of that call, we will schedule a more formal interview that may include HR and additional members of the team.


D3G has stayed mindful of meeting individual comfort levels when it comes to training. How has HR worked with the IT department to address these needs, especially as it relates to remote staff who are almost always onboarded and trained in person?


We use Microsoft Teams and Go to Meeting as our virtual platforms. These platforms have enabled our employees to leverage tools such as Chat and Teams Meetings to stay connected during this time. We can also accomplish screen sharing, which is especially helpful when training remotely.



If you’re interested in learning more about career opportunities at D3G, check out our careers page. We can’t wait to meet you!