Recently the Events Team here at D3G opened the floor up to ideas from staff members for engagement activities. Thanks to Sonia Pham’s suggestion, we were able to get our employees to channel their creative side in the most recent activity! The art challenge came with the prompt “what does working for D3G mean to you”? With a diverse industry, spanning across engineering, environmental, architectural and energy & sustainability, the Events Team thought it’d be fun to see how this question can be represented throughout multiple mediums. 

.  . . And boy were they right! 


The thing that became prevalent while reviewing the submissions was how the those at D3G feel about the company, and about their jobs. The individuals who are executing client assessments, reports, inspections, etc. aren’t just showing up to “do their job”. The staff at D3G genuinely care about the industry and the impact that their jobs have in the long run. We were stunned at the creativity hiding in our office! Which is why we decided to display all the submission in our Denver and Midlothian offices. 


Even though this was an internal activity, we thought it was too good not to share! Below are some of the submissions we received along with a blurb from the artist. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!


Sonia Pham 

Black Graphic Marker & Pencil

I wanted to add a personal touch with the dog and bagel since I really miss when we got free Panera bagels every Friday and I think it’s awesome that we’re allowed to bring our dog to the office (all my drawings need to have an animal in it, so I thought a dog would be most appropriate for the Richmond office). I drew the house with the leaves/cattails to add that environmental/architecture/energy feel to it. 

I think this was definitely a challenge, trying to come up with something that connects the engineering, environmental, architecture, and energy fields together.

Sonia Pham - Untitled
Karolee Towe - A Walk

“A Walk”

Karolee Towe 



I took this at a trail and it is one of my favorite places to exercise and clear my head. The trees, the textures and the organic shapes created from the shadows were really special that day, and once I saw the heart I immediately thought this symbolizes what D3G means to me! When you really look at it there are a lot of other images and faces that appear too.

“Imprinting Interwoven Necessities”

Beth Younger

Acrylic & Mixed Media

When I think of D3G, I think of serving the world by being advocates for structurally safe and affordable housing that is free of harmful environmental factors like mold, radon, asbestos, lead, etc. Shelter is a human necessity and the lack of one or access of a home is interwoven into so many facets of the human existence. 

That is why I decided to draw a nursing home, high rise apartment and a 2-story home sitting on top of a globe shaped earth. In the sky there are birds, clouds, and a plane was added as well, since our inspectors have been known to travel frequently inspecting properties. 

Earth colors were chosen and applied organically and intuitively. Created on cardboard packaging shipped to D3G, with strips of recycled D3G reports layered, adhesive, acrylic paint. 

Beth Younger Imprinting Interwoven Neccesities
Oliver Bonhotel -Reflections


Oliver Bonhotel

Paint, Mixed Media Candle & Mirror


  1. Multi-colored paint to represent how our work affects people of all walks of life.
  2. A candle as we provide a guiding light to the industry.
  3. A mirror as I’m proud to see myself working at D3G.

“4th of July 2020”

Julie Ross

Woodwork, Recycled Wood

When I think about working at D3G I think of being green and kind to the Environment. I have made some environmentally kind changes recently but making art out of trash is the most rewarding to me. We received some furniture on pallets that we recycled and one of my favorite projects was this flag. 

Julie Ross - 4TH of July
Mike Binns -A day in THE LIFE..., at D3G

“A Day in THE LIFE…, at D3G”

Mike Binns

Multimedia Spontaneous Sculpture

Sculpture is also a fun Seek n Find of various categories / items and was taken at a development location very close to the office. Who can guess where?

“Water is Life”

Colleen Darden

Fluid Art Painting

This is showing how there is always fluid movement. 

Colleen Darden - Water is Life
Colleen Darden - Untitled


Colleen Darden

Fluid Art Painting

This is how we are always moving together in the same direction but have bumps (which is tissue paper) along the way.