Happy 20th Work Anniversary to Beth Younger

Please join us in congratulating Beth Younger, Office Manager, on her twentieth anniversary
with Dominion Due Diligence Group.
For twenty years, Beth Younger has been essential to the
D3G team. She is the glue that holds us together, diligently working behind the scenes to
ensure the office runs as efficiently as possible, setting the team up for success, and providing
the thoughtful touches that make coming to work more comfortable and enjoyable for us all.
Anyone who has worked with Beth can speak to her positive attitude, affinity for people, and
dedication to her job. Beth's colleagues share a few thoughtful words on the impact she’s made
throughout the years:

Beth Younger…. words can’t even begin to describe this wonderful woman.  She is the model of
consistency and reliability in the office; she is the definition of grace and kindness in the
workplace and a calming influence to all who meet her. Beth also sets a very high bar for style –
head to toe, Beth is always dressed to impress! And outside the office, she impresses me with
her artistry and commitment to her community. Having such a positive and balanced individual
on the D3G team is a blessing. Congratulations on 20 years, and I look forward to more!
Rob Hazelton, CEO

Beth is one of the happiest and most compassionate people I’ve had the honor to work with.
Every day, without exception, she’s available and willing to help anyone and everyone, and she
accomplishes this with a smile and true determination to succeed in whatever is asked of her.
Something not everyone knows about Beth is that she’s also an excellent artist. I was in her
office one day, watching her unpack what I thought was another painting Rob Hazelton
purchased. It turned out to be one of her original paintings on return from an art competition
she entered. I advise purchasing one of her paintings before you can’t afford them!
Congratulations, Beth, on your fantastic achievement of 20 years with D3G!
Tim Ungerleider, COO

While I have only worked closely with Beth over the past three years, her legacy and
contributions to D3G over the last 20 years are very evident. Beth lives D3G’s core values daily,
which speaks to her contribution to our culture. Every interaction with Beth is truly delightful,
and her positive attitude is infectious. I continue to be grateful for Beth’s support of our
employees, both in the office and remotely, as well as her willingness to jump in and lend a
hand whenever needed. Working with Beth is a true pleasure, and I am thrilled to celebrate her
continued commitment to D3G!
Beth Petersen, Human Resources Director

Beth always has a smile and lends a hand whenever she can. She has been a fixture here, and
not sure the place could operate without her. Thank you for all you do for us!
Kim Dingledine, Hazardous Materials Manager

I am privileged to know and have worked closely with Beth since the beginning of her career at
D3G. D3G depends on Beth in so many ways, and I am sure that each employee at D3G has
been directly and positively affected by Beth. Thanks for all you do with a smile and joy in your
heart, Beth Younger!
Christy Hunter, Director of Finance

Thank you, Beth, for the monumental job you do for us every day! We would be lost without
you. Congratulations on 20 Years!

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