What is HEROS?

HEROS stands for HUD Environmental Review Online System. The platform prepares, manages, shares, and stores supporting documentation to complete Environmental Reviews. The platform's purpose is to provide a pathway to environmental clearance for HUD/FHA-insured loans, CPD programs like HOME Funds, Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), and Section 8 vouchers.

Property owners and developers may not be aware of the nuances or timeframes associated with HEROS. Mistakes can cause delays and confusion that could result in inadequate funding and extra headaches along the way.

Helping Housing Authorities, Developers, & Lenders Navigate HEROS.

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Why D3G? Because We're HEROS Experts

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D3G has been involved with HEROS since its infancy. HUD trusted D3G to pilot the system back in 2016. Since then, D3G has produced nearly 4,000 Part 50 or 58 environmental reviews and processed over 1,200 ERs in HEROS. By choosing D3G as your partner in your HUD HEROS journey, you’re able to have assistance with:

  • Environmental Review preparation in HEROS

  • Documenting compliance

  • Developing associated compliance steps/mitigation measures with various NEPA-related laws and authorities

  • Submission of your ER to HUD for approval

  • Re-submission with appropriate adjustments and updates

D3G and their subject matter experts are able to utilize HEROS to document ERs, helping expedite HUD’s review of your property while maintaining consistent and systematic access to the portal for all relevant documentation.

Your HEROS Management Team

Hannah Pearl-2

NEPA Compliance Manager
Hannah Pearl

Ron James-2

Director of Technical Environmental Services
Ron James

Kim Dingledine-2

Hazardous Materials Manager
Kim Dingledine

Margaret Monnett-2

Floodplain and Wetland Specialist
Margaret Monnett

Haley Hoke-2

HEROS Processing Manager
Haley Hoke

Keith Bayer-2

Managing Director of Environmental
Keith Bayer

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