Doing Good In The Community

Dominion Due Diligence Group believes in the importance of social responsibility and empowering employees to cultivate positive change within their workspace, communities, and neighborhoods. Our community engagement mission is guided by our belief in equitable housing and promoting a healthy quality of life in the communities we serve. Volunteerism is employee-driven at D3G; with varied resources for civic engagement, staff can choose how contributions of time and money are used toward causes they value. These opportunities include a gift matching program, team-building volunteer events, and philanthropy. In partnership with the non-profit sector, D3G seeks relationships with community-minded organizations to expand our reach, eliminate barriers, and further our impact together.

D3G | River Cleanup

"D3G is still my first choice. I’ve had only great experiences with D3G; they are very knowledgeable about rare issues, good at brainstorming, and guide the best approach with HUD. If I really need something, I can pick up the phone, and it will get done. I highly recommend D3G to others. You truly get what you pay for. I appreciate all their knowledge and guidance."

Lena Nepryntseva ( Senior FHA Underwriter, Northmarq )

"We have used Dominion Due Diligence since our company was established in 2004. D3G is our only third-party provider for PCNA, Environmental, Construction Review Reports, and more. They are very responsive and willing to get on conference calls to discuss any issues or questions that arise during the application process. We have tried others but did not get the same exceptional service and high-quality reports. I highly recommend D3G!"

Karneisha Wharton ( Closing Analyst, CBRE )

"I’ve worked closely with D3G throughout my 12-year career in FHA underwriting with Walker & Dunlop and have the utmost confidence in their ability to guide us and our clients through routine and unique issues. I trust my D3G counterparts as industry experts in their respective fields. Their ability to stay current and educate us on the evolving industry has led to effective, established, and reoccurring partnerships with Walker & Dunlop."

Matt Stanley ( SVP & Chief Underwriter, Walker & Dunlop )

"My experience with the Community Engagement Committee has been an all-around positive one. I have been able to connect with various community organizations and their members to organize and partake in volunteer events. Volunteerism is a passion of mine, and I’m grateful that D3G is just as passionate about giving back and allowing me to take on such an active role. I am excited for the future of the committee, including the addition of new employees and more opportunities to show our gratitude and share our time!"

Lexi Tilot ( Environmental Project Manager )

“Working with Enrichmond to restore the distressed Historic Evergreen Cemetery was an incredibly unique and rewarding experience. In dedicating just a few hours of our time, we helped to celebrate the lives and legacies of generations of Richmond residents and their families."

Ben Plunkett ( RFP Specialist )

“I’m really glad that D3G provides volunteer opportunities. I’m often busy and have trouble finding meaningful ways to contribute to the community. A couple Saturdays spent picking up trash along the river or clearing old grave sites in historic Evergreen Cemetery has been fun and uplifting. You quickly see that every bit of help makes a difference."

Michael Binns ( Engineering Project Manager )

Our Focus Areas

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Our Commitments


D3G encourages volunteerism. Generous VTO (Volunteer Time Off) is available to every employee. Volunteer with your team or individually to an approved charity or non-profit organization.

Numerous Programs

Integrating a culture of giving into our corporate model, there are many options for employees to participate in philanthropic and civic engagement throughout the year.

Volunteer Events

D3G hosts a number of volunteer events. From food drives to clean-ups, our staff engages with the non-profit sector to broaden our support as an active community partner.


In collaboration with The Community Foundation for a greater Richmond, D3G has created a strong Corporate Social Responsibility model that includes tools, resources, goals, and metrics to ensure business practices continue to align with community needs.

Our Giving Programs

Green Door Community Impact Fund Gift-Matching Program

D3G is proud to offer gift matches of personal time and/or monetary donations up to $500.00 per year. These gifts can be made to any American non-profit within the required guidelines.

Quarterly Award Winners Charitable Gift

As additional thanks to employees recognized by our Rewards & Recognition Team, D3G donates $250.00 to a charity of award winners’ choosing.

Onboarding Charitable Gift

To encourage a culture of giving, D3G donates $500.00 to new employees' charity of choice within the first 30 days of their hire date.

D3G | Charity
D3G | SCAN Painting
D3G | SCAN Painting
D3G | Mike Robinson
D3G | Backpack Donations
D3G | River Cleanup
D3G | SCAN Painting
D3G | River Cleanup
D3G | Mike Robinson
D3G | SCAN Painting
D3G | Mike Robinson
D3G | River Cleanup
D3G | Backpack Donations
D3G | River Cleanup
D3G | Backpack Donations
D3G | SCAN Painting
D3G | SCAN Painting

Our Community Engagement Committee

     For employees seeking a more hands-on approach to community engagement work, D3G has an active Community Engagement Committee. This employee-driven group functions as a convener between our business purpose and the communities we serve. The Community Engagement Committee is responsible for researching, organizing, and scheduling several volunteer events throughout the year.

D3G Actively Supports 25+ Organizations, Including: