A Team of RAD Experts

Our technical and transactional experts are experienced working with Housing Authority Executive Staff and Boards on repositioning strategies that include Streamlined Voluntary Conversion, Required Conversions, and a combination of Section 18, RAD, and LIHTC.

Owner and CEO, Rob Hazelton, explains RAD and the importance it plays in the revitalization of public housing and surrounding communities.

Public Housing Experts

D3G has successfully guided large and small PHAs through the repositioning process, including the following situations:

  • Demolition - critical structural issues and defects, such as footing and foundation systems, beams and columns, load-bearing walls and partitions, roof, and floor framing systems.
  • New construction using both on-site rebuilding and Transfer of Assistance (8bb).
  • Disposition of scattered sites
  • Disposition of non-dwelling buildings and excess land

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D3G’s Housing Preservation Services Team

Experience and Success with HUD’s Special Application Center (SAC)

Combining technical expertise with high-level regulatory knowledge, our clients receive strategies that fit their vision from a company that knows HUD. 

Our HPS team offers the following services for SAC transactions:

  • Portfolio Review
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Repositioning Advisory Services
  • SAC and RAD application preparation, submission, and liaison services. 
  • SAC-required inspections
  • Cost obsolescence reporting
  • Environmental Compliance Assistance
  • Analysis of Total Development Cost (TDC) & Hard Construction Cost (HCC)
  • Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) application submittals
  • Strategic sequencing of combined programmatic tracks

Our Projects

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) - Betances

D3G provided Section 18 SAC Demo-Dispo consulting on eight older assets of the NYCHA portfolio, in order to blend Fair Market Rents within planned RAD conversions for multifamily housing repositioning of greater than 1800 units.

A colorful street canyon in New York City. The blue sky along with some clouds build a nice background for the busy street.
Beautiful view of  business center in downtown San Francisco

San Francisco Housing Authority - Entire Portfolio

Through a combination of HUD RAD and Section 18 Demolition/Disposition programs, greater than 8,000 units of low-income housing in 33 properties have been preserved. D3G worked with four (4) different development teams to bring this inspiring transformation to fruition.

Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA, Nashville) - Cayce Place

D3G provided all repositioning services to facilitate the revitalization of this development. It will be a mixed-income, mixed-use community consisting of 2,390 units. It ensures a one-for-one replacement of existing affordable units while adding new affordable, workforce, and market-rate housing.

Nashville Skyline

Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NRHA) - Tidewater Gardens

D3G provided a hybrid Physical Needs Assessment (PNA) that satisfied both the HUD SAC Section 18 Demolition/Disposition requirements, and the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant Program requirements. The result was a successful 2018 CNI grant award of $30M and HUD SAC approval for the Demolition/Disposition and redevelopment of the 618 dwelling units constructed in the 1950s.

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