Happy 25th Work Anniversary to Kim Dingledine

Please join us in congratulating Kim Dingledine, Hazardous Materials Manager, on her twenty-fifth anniversary with Dominion Due Diligence Group. Kim has been essential to D3G's growth since she joined the team in 1998. As we take this opportunity to reflect on the many contributions Kim has brought to the company, her team, and colleagues reflect on her commitment, expertise, and leadership in their own words below:

Kim has been a rockstar for 25 years of this company’s 29-year history. She was one of the original castmates on this adventure navigating housing and applicable Federal rules and regulations, and during her tenure, she has become a leader in interpreting and applying HUD and EPA environmental regulations.  Kim is gracious at giving her time and subject matter expertise to everyone within our organization and beyond. Kim is a tremendous asset to this organization! - Rob Hazelton, Chief Executive Officer

Congrats on 25 long hard years, Kim! From the infancy of this industry to the complex environment that we live in today, you have always carried yourself with such poise and patience!  I feel so blessed to have been trained by you in the early years and to be working alongside you as we navigate this industry’s ever-changing needs.  Thanks for all of your years of tireless efforts and late nights!  Much love! - Keith Bayer, Director of Environmental Services

I was asked to start working with Kim to help with subbing out Hazmat and keeping things organized. This entailed learning way more than I imagined, but being at D3G for eight years already, I knew Kim was someone I could learn and grow from.  She’s been an amazing teacher and mentor and really helped me find my place at D3G with the skills I’ve learned in keeping our team organized. She is always willing to answer questions, review something and take the time to make sure I’m understanding and always moving forward in my job. - Jennifer Corallino – Hazardous Materials Coordinator

Working with Kim has been one of the great pleasures of my time here. Her knowledge and expertise are second to none! She is always willing to lend a hand and, more importantly, teach and pass along her erudition. She is a driving force behind D3G’s industry leadership. - Charlie Huntoon – Hazardous Materials Specialist

I’ve worked with Kim for over ten years and can definitively say she is one of the most hard-working and inspirational people I have had the pleasure of working with. She inspires excellence, she is an amazing teacher, an incredible subject matter expert, a consummate team player, an all-around lynchpin of D3G, and just an amazing person! I'm honored to work with her and learn from her, hopefully for many more years! Cheers to Kim for 25 years! - Hannah Pearl, NEPA Compliance Manager

Kim! Wishing you a very happy 25th work anniversary! I quite literally would be hopeless without your guidance and expertise. I so admire your patience with everyone that comes to you for help, and your technical chops blow my mind every day. I feel very fortunate to have a woman like you to look up to here at D3G! Congratulations on 25 years! - Sammi Alfonso – Environmental Team Manager

To me, Kim is part of the bedrock of D3G. When I first started circa 2009, Kim was reviewing ESAs and was one of the mentors for the ENV Department. There are several things she taught me which have been ingrained in me since the beginning. Most notable was the filling out of PM tasks. Anyone new who started back then quickly adopted the habit of filling out PM tasks for fear of Kim’s red ink! But regardless, Kim has always been incredibly kind and incredibly patient. Aside from responding to e-mails at all hours of the day, Kim is always willing to help and so generous with her time answering questions. D3G would not be the same without her. Congratulations on 25 years, Kim! I am lucky to work alongside you! Joe Fuscaldo, Environmental Team Leader

Congrats Kim on 25 years! Thank you for everything that you do! You are one of the hardest-working people I know, and I couldn't imagine D3G without you! I appreciate the guidance you have provided throughout the years. You are a pleasure to work with! Thanks for everything, and CONGRATS! – Ross Thomas, Environmental Team Manager

Congrats on 25 years, Kim! You are an integral part of the D3G team, and your expertise in all things Hazmat and Noise is always appreciated!  - Elizabeth Fulmer – Environmental Revisions Manager

Congratulations on 25 years, Kim! Thank you so much for all the guidance you have provided to everyone over the years regarding noise, hazmat, and all other areas you have had your hand in during that time. Our team really appreciates everything that you do for us and our unusual HPS jobs. Congratulations again! – Brandon Vidra – Environmental Team Manager

Congratulations, Kim. Thank you for the hard work, dedication, and kindness you’ve brought to the workplace over the past 25 years. You are an admired coworker and an all-around wonderful person. We are grateful to have you here.

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