D3G RAD Team

D3G’S RAD Team Continues to Grow

Nation’s leading due diligence provider expands its Rental Assistance Demonstration department.

Dominion Due Diligence Group (D3G) is expanding its RAD team to suit its clients’ growing needs.

Ian White, who has been with D3G for an integral part of D3G’s RAD team since 2017, has been announced as the Director of Client Services for the HPS team. He brings 20 years of construction, business development, and client relationship management to the department. He will continue to assist Public Housing Authorities (PHAs), and Developers prepare for housing transformation and repositioning.

Matthew Sweet, who has been with D3G for 11 years, has been announced as the Director of Technical Services for the RAD team. His robust and cross-functional management and leadership approach enable him to manage D3G’s technical and consulting services for complex housing transformation projects. His focus will be on quality assurance and control of D3G’s product lines.

Ten years into the demonstration, HUD has given us tools to assist with conversion, but there remain capacity gaps in the market, which D3G intends to fill.

“Over ten years into the demonstration, HUD has given us more tools to assist in repositioning of public housing by allowing the conversion of Section 9 to the Section 8 platform. While this has produced incredible opportunities, it’s also created capacity gaps in the market, which D3G intends to bridge. Adding experienced staff to the HPS team will assist PHAs in securing their affordable housing goals, paving the way for more opportunities to serve the community”, explains Rob Hazelton, CEO of D3G.

In addition to Ian White and Matthew Sweet, D3G’s HPS team consists of various subject matter experts that focus on RAD’s specialized application processes. As a former HUD/RAD Transaction Manager, Jenn Krieher assists PHAs with the RAD application submission process strategy and preparation. Shawn Hughes leads the Section 18 Demolition/Disposition department and has completed over 100 Special Applications Center (SAC) applications. The HPS team now has over 30 members fully dedicated to RAD and repositioning.

HUD selected D3G to pilot the RAD due diligence reporting process and has assessed over 200,000 RAD units since the inception of the program in 2012.

Offering a full suite of services, D3G is well-prepared to assist PHAs with Capital Needs Assessments, Phase I/II Environmental Assessments, Energy Audits, and Modeling as well as Construction Plan & Cost Review Services. With satellite offices and staff positioned throughout the country, D3G utilizes its nationwide reach to support affordable housing.

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