What’s an Architectural & Cost Review?

An architectural & cost review (AEC Review)  is a comprehensive analysis of the building design and construction process to ensure that it is effective, cost-efficient, and compliant with identified program requirements (HUD MAP Guide Chapter 5). This review ensures that resources are used optimally and projects are completed within budget and on time. This article will discuss the importance of an architectural & cost review, its key components, benefits, and best practices.

Importance of Architectural & Cost Review

An architectural & cost review helps use resources more effectively, identify potential problems, and improve decision-making. D3G’s AEC team assists in every step of the design and build process, from the design to the development phase. Site studies, location conditions, and municipal requirements are included in the design phase. In the development phase, our team assists in coordinating energy efficiency initiatives and the considerations of additional building systems. Consultation on budget, financing, and coordination with HUD is also available. 


What does the AEC Team do? 

  • Preliminary Design Review
  • Plan Review
  • Cost Review
  • Construction Draw Reviews
  • Accessibility Review and Inspection 
  • Development review and coordination 
  • Permits and Approvals 


Let's take a closer look at why an architectural & cost review is important.


Ensures Efficient Use of Resources

The primary goal of an architectural & cost review is to ensure that resources are used efficiently and early in the project process. By assessing the design and construction process, architects and construction professionals can identify areas where resources and budget can be conserved without compromising the quality of the project. 


It Helps in Identifying Potential Problems

Our AEC subject matter experts can help identify potential problems in the design and construction process, recognizing various project complexities and offering proactive solutions. Problems include material selection, construction methods, and building codes and regulations. Identifying these issues early on can avoid major problems that impact the project timeline and budget.


Improves Decision-Making

New construction or substantial rehab is no easy task and requires clear communication between constituents. An architectural & cost review can help make better decisions during the design and development process. By providing a comprehensive assessment of the project, architects and construction professionals can make informed decisions based on the specific facts and data that pertain to your project. Effective decision-making can avoid costly mistakes and delays. 

There’s an affordable housing shortage nationwide. D3G helps bridge the gap by providing architectural and construction cost conclusions for new construction and substantial rehabilitation projects. Our experience in the industry makes us a respected and reputable advocate for affordable housing and a reliable third party to conduct AEC Reviews. Our Architectural and Cost Review team comprises architects, plan reviews, contractors, engineers, and building cost estimators. With a commitment to quality and communication, our subject matter experts produce an accurate foundational report our clients can trust. Our team focuses primarily on the following HUD programs: 

  • 221d4 NC - New Construction 
  • 221d4 SR - Substantial Rehab 
  • MAP 241 - Federal mortgage loan insurance 
  • LEAN 232 NC - New Construction for licensed skilled-nursing, assisted-living, and board and care facilities with limited independent living units. 


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