Rob's Ramblings:

Redefining RAD as Repositioning


The term "RAD Panel" has echoed through many housing discussions, but what concerns me is the sometimes-myopic nature of the program. 

Let's rephrase: RAD should realistically be called Repositioning.

RAD is not the sole tool in our toolbox; we employ the Section 18 Demolition/Disposition process under HUD's Special Application Center to increase rents to 110% FMR based on physical needs. 

Alternatively, we explore creative RAD-SAC blends through the Office of Recapitalization. We consolidate scattered site units, sell vacant assets, and even place new subsidized units into inventory through the Faircloth to RAD program. 

Repositioning public housing has diversified options today, with the inaugural RAD program setting the stage 11 years ago. Continuing efforts with Pat Costigan's RAD Collaborative, D3G eagerly anticipates innovations in the repositioning space to meet housing needs while creating investible communities.   

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