Rob's Ramblings:

Asset Management Takes Center Stage


Rates are high, construction costs are unpredictable, and financing gaps widen. In response, many of our housing developer and lender clients are currently prioritizing asset management. Clients are proactively getting their houses to maximize returns on existing investments. Notably, there's a significant surge in attention to RAD for PRAC, likely spurred by the recent  RAD Supplemental Notice 4, streamlining rental increases and financing.

To seize the benefits of the program, a well-crafted asset-management direct capital needs assessment is crucial for a successful Budget-Based Rental Increase (BBRI). D3G specializes in these assessments, having been HUD's guinea pig during 202 PRAC program infancy in 2019.

There was a collective cheer in a related development when OCAF released their newest rental adjustment factors – a national average of 5.3%.  Additionally, inquiries about our Affordable Housing Portfolio Assessment program have surged. We've assisted many medium to larger owners/operators in evaluating their portfolio's health from capital needs, environmental, climate, and energy/carbon perspectives.

At D3G, our innovative programmers have seamlessly connected our data systems to our clients, offering next-level property asset management.


"[This] partnership has provided endless  value in developing our long-term strategy toward understanding, implementing, and proactively executing capital projects. [D3G's] flexibility in providing customized reporting has enabled our organization to use data-driven approaches in evaluating portfolio-wide capital needs projections and utilizing forward-thinking strategies to ensure the preservation of our assets."

– Affordable Housing Professional and D3G Client

Does your asset management department have access to your past due diligence data?

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