RAD [Rental Assistance Demonstration]

  • Over 45,000 units
  • Over 100 clients
  • 100% Success Rate

D3G focuses on multifamily and affordable housing and is a steward for the preservation of affordable housing, as evidenced by our commitment to this market. We provide the RAD Physical Condition Assessment which consists of three distinct scopes of work: Part 1 - Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) Report comparing Green vs. Traditional Requirements, Part 2 - ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit, and Part 3 - Utility Consumption Baseline (UCB). An objective of the RPCA is to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency, maximize water efficiency, use reused and recycled materials where practical, safeguard the indoor environmental quality of the property, and remove/re-use replaced materials and construction debris appropriately. Our Assessment Team personnel have vast expertise in multifamily construction engineering, energy auditing, and green capital needs assessment.” 


Description of the property elements and their respective physical condition.

The total estimated cost, in current dollars, to complete such items.

Identification of the property’s:

Immediate-Critical Repair Needs;

24-Month (Non-Critical) Repair Needs; and

Expected repair, replacement, and major maintenance needs over the following 20 year period (Long Term Reserve for Replacements).

Identification of all major work items to bring the developments up to a level at least equal to the current modernization & energy conservation standards.

Inventory of energy and water-using equipment, with recommendations for Energy Water Conservation Measures (EWCM).