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D3G Community Engagement Committee

Corporate responsibility has always been a foundational element at D3G. Woven into our fabric, charitable giving and volunteer engagement have permeated D3G culture. CEO and owner, Rob Hazelton often discusses the impact of affordable housing work and its profound effect on people and communities. With Rob’s passion for helping others, D3G has a long history of supporting organizations that directly give back to the communities in which we provide our services. Holding on to the belief that every person deserves the right to a healthy and affordable place to live, we are inspired to carry these values beyond our own walls and into the very neighborhoods we live, work, and play.

The past year impacted everyone in different ways but a few things were shared by individuals across state lines, the country, and even the world. One of those things was our sense of community. Forced into isolation away from our neighbors, coworkers, and family and friends, we quickly felt the security net around us disappear as many places of business switched to remote working, congregations shut their doors, and community programs, like food banks and shelters, were put in a distressing and overwhelming situation.

In light of the challenge facing local organizations and charities, the need for assistance became glaringly apparent. It’s from that need that a group of D3G employees saw the perfect opportunity to utilize their return to in-person work in early 2021 for better, focusing their efforts on serving people and communities disproportionally affected by the pandemic. This employee-driven initiative looked to draw more awareness around the social and socioeconomic benefits of the work D3G does while also empowering employees to take ownership of D3G’s civic engagement efforts.


With these goals in mind, Emily Ash and Mary Donohue began to explore best practices in implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Taking feedback directly from company survey results the Community Engagement Committee (CEC) was formed. Strategizing how best to utilize time and energy throughout the year, the CEC completes at least one project per quarter for a total of four or more projects annually. The mission of the committee aims far beyond photo opportunities and accolades. The committee strives to build healthy and lasting relationships with community liaisons and leaders, create diverse and varied partnerships across sectors, and connect employees to the impact of their work. By offering a CSR program, the committee hopes to bridge the gap between business strategy and community needs, enhancing a positive sense of purpose and morale across the organization while also contributing to personal fulfillment in the workplace.

community engagement team

Most recently, the Richmond office focused their attention on homelessness and hunger—holding a ‘Stock the Shelves’ snack drive for The Daily Planet and volunteering for CARITAS in their furniture warehouse. Both organizations focus on providing safe and reliable assistance and resources for those struggling with homelessness and addiction.

community engagement food drive

To further expand participation in community engagement and philanthropic work, D3G also offers a generous gift-matching program called The Green Door Community Impact Fund. Established in 2018, this fund, in partnership with the Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond, assists in connecting employees to causes they care about while doubling their charitable donations. The Green Door Community Impact Fund outlines clear directions and details for employees, including a max $500 match in charitable gifts to approved nonprofit organizations each year.

D3G is fortunate to have rich resources and relationships that enable our ability to drive transformative change and build stronger communities together. We have always celebrated the many talents and personalities that make up each individual at D3G, but when we come together to work toward a common goal, great things can be achieved.

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