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D3G understands the direct relationship between a Capital Needs Assessment and the complex financing required to address the growing needs of the nation’s housing stock. We pride ourselves on not only identifying the problem but offering solutions. With nationwide experience and our team of thoroughly trained inspectors, D3G can help you navigate a completive tax credit application with a large repair scope of work, or a basic inspection required to preserve an aging property.

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Experienced team

D3G is equipped with skilled, proficient inspectors who are fully dedicated to your project. The reviewer and P.E. review hundreds of reports each year and remain available to you throughout the process.

Client service

You can expect fast response times from our experienced team. No issue is too large or small. From bidding and inspection/reporting to report revisions and consulting, we offer our expertise at every stage in your project.


D3G is highly sought after. We are often invited to D.C. to participate in conversations with HUD. Housing authorities across the US request our services to guide them through their unique housing-related issues. We proudly set the industry standard, but don’t settle comfortably there. We continue preparing for the future of housing by continuing to educate, develop, and invest in our teams.

Range of Services

Capital Needs Assessments
  • HUD/FHA compliant CNA using the CNA e-Tool
  • Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)
  • Tax Credit Applications - 4% and 9% nationwide
  • Owner’s financial planning
  • Acquisitions
  • Portfolio Management
Intrusive Studies
  • In-depth evaluations of major building systems
  • Building Professional Institute (BPI) certified inspectors
  • Collaboration and consultation with trade-specific experts
  • Electric system load testing
  • Building envelope evaluation utilizing moisture meter
  • FLIR camera testing
Energy Evaluation
  • Data collection and field observation for energy efficiency, sustainability, and healthy home living environments.
  • Understanding the relationship between energy-efficient upgrades and the impact on the CNA as well as it’s relation to financing and tax credit point-based applications.
Construction Monitoring
  • Monthly assessment for new construction or rehabilitation projects.
  • Monthly draw request processing.
  • Critical and non-critical repair confirmation inspections.
  • Understanding and implementation of ADA, UFAS, ANSI, HUD MPS, FHA, and other accessibility requirements that apply to your property.
  • Experience staff that can identify issues and provide creative solutions.
  • Risk and liability evaluation.
  • Realistic solutions to common problems with multi-family and healthcare facilities.

A Word from Us

D3G's Daniel Walton explains the Capital Needs Assessment and how our in-house experts can ensure your project stays on track and successfully closes.

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