Week in the Life Blog Series:
Lexi - Environmental Technician


It’s site plan day! Luckily, with the help of many tools that are available to me, I am able to create a ‘best-guess’ site plan that includes all of the pertinent information I have gathered to date. I collect this information based on a checklist that ensures all steps are completed.  

I use the maps I pulled yesterday to identify what’s around the project site, including existing conditions, and areas of concern that may affect the eligibility of the property, as well as the surrounding environment. I start by locating the boundary lines of the project site and notating features such as sensitive adjoining land use, wetland features, floodplains, aboveground storage tanks, pipelines, overhead transmission lines, and railroad tracks – just to name a few. In addition to the physical site, there are other factors like surrounding neighborhoods, architecture, and zoning requirements that can affect the eligibility of a site. I began the Field Data Sheet (FDS) which is a standard data-gathering tool for use across all inspections. It’s used to note important factors that may be found during an inspection and is very helpful when visiting the physical property. 

By the afternoon, I take a break from site planning to send out a companywide Green Door email. The Green Door is our company intranet; it serves as a repository for important documents and quarterly updates, as well as a virtual community where our staff can share photos, thoughts, and local happenings. I have been a part of The Green Door communications team for about a year now, and I especially enjoy posting content and articles I think my coworkers will find interesting or funny. 

It’s the end of the day and I have just received confirmation for my site inspection on Thursday in North Carolina. I reserve one of D3G’s car rentals which is convenient for projects within several hours of the office. When the inspection site isn’t drivable, I’ll fly. While flying does require more time and planning, it has taken me to some neat spots around the US. Before leaving the office, I make sure to update Project Manager so that my team knows I will be on a site inspection later this week.

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