Week in the Life Blog Series:
Lexi - Environmental Technician


My day starts at 7:45 in the morning. I give my cat Cheddar a quick scratch on the head and make sure I have everything I need before heading out the door.

I arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 am every morning. My first task for the day is to check on assigned projects sent over by my manager. I then spend some time reviewing my ‘To-Do’ list I made the day before. This helps me prioritize my tasks and determine what I need to get completed by the end of the day. Projects pass through many hands, so it’s important for me to be timely with my tasks, keeping the process as efficient as possible before handing the project over to my supervisor or other departments to ensure deadlines are met.

Soon after, I begin emailing my site contacts to confirm inspection dates or send them an initial user questionnaire to gather more information and history about their property site. For the next few hours, I will work on pulling maps, specifically tax maps and aerial maps to start the information gathering process on my next site. Eventually, I will be visiting these sites on inspection. Early information gathering and coordinating future travel are two key pieces to any successful project.

As I work through each assigned project, I make sure to update our Project Manager system to track which tasks I’ve completed. With data collection being so important at D3G, our Project Manager system helps our team stay on track. There can be upwards of 10 different people working on the same project in different capacities. Project Manager helps us effectively communicate with one another. Aside from the team communication, it’s not uncommon for me to work on multiple projects at once. Tracking my progress is helpful when I need to refer or check on tasks that still need to be completed.

After lunchtime, I join the Events Team call. The Events Team is one of 6 action groups we have in the office. This meeting is a nice break from my everyday assignments. It gives me a chance to collaborate with other coworkers outside of my department. We discuss and plan for upcoming company events such as food trucks, happy hours, and off-site events – most recently we hosted a salsa competition. Typically, we try to do something for our staff on a regular basis, with bigger events every quarter. It’s a huge benefit for our company culture, and it’s something everyone can enjoy.

Following the Events Team meeting, I spend the remainder of the afternoon working on report corrections sent over my Review/Revisions Manager. The Review/Revisions Manager role at D3G is an Environmental Professional that reviews and revises reports and makes any suggestions and/or corrections necessary. My corrections usually include grammatical errors, redrawing boundary lines, or specific write-up changes. We work together to amend the report, which is always a welcomed opportunity for learning. I finish up the day by drafting the project report I started late last week.

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