Week in the Life Blog Series:
Lexi - Environmental Technician


I hop in the car at 7:00 and make my way to North Carolina. I take this time to listen to music or catch up on an audiobook until I arrive on-site by 11:00.

I walk into the leasing office and introduce myself to the site contact. After introductions, I waste no time getting started! I am required to inspect 10% of all units. The unit sample should represent all unit types including handicapped, vacant, and down. In addition to the dwelling units, I also inspect: 


  • Common areas like the leasing office, community room, and maintenance buildings. 
  • Site features include signage, parking lots, retaining walls, and playgrounds. 
  • Utilities such as HVAC, water, electrical, and elevators.
  • Adjacent properties to the site, including fields, parks, and/or existing buildings. 


While walking the property, I take photos and document comments, notes, and deficiencies on the FDS I started on Tuesday. This information is used to complete the inspection checklist and create a photo log of the site to depict the overall condition of the property. The properties we most often inspect are multifamily apartments, commercial buildings, vacant land, or historic buildings. Depending on the size of the site, an inspection can take a few hours or up to a few days for the more scattered site projects. I’m able to wrap this one up in about two hours and I hit the road before 3:00. 

Today’s inspection only took a few hours, but overnight inspections present their own unique opportunities for fun and adventure. For an overnight inspection that may take a few days, I often try to find fun things to do in the city after work – dinner, museums, parks – you name it. Depending on where I’m headed, I might even have a chance to meet up with family and friends living in different states. This is a nice perk of the job that I try to take advantage of when I can.  

Before dropping off the rental car, I refill the gas tank and park it back at the office. It’s been a long day, but I am looking forward to seeing Julian and Cheddar this evening.

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