Week in the Life Blog Series:
Lexi - Environmental Technician


On most Fridays, I work from home! This is a particularly nice benefit after returning from an inspection. 

One of the biggest priorities following an inspection is sharing what I learned with my team, uploading inspection photos and notes into the project folder, and speaking with any other colleagues who are involved with the project.

At 10:30, I join the Community Engagement Committee meeting where we discuss and plan different service opportunities that our company can participate in. Our focus area this month is Children & Youth. I’m excited to update the group on a few service opportunities I tracked down last week. 

Following that meeting, I worked on NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) correspondence for my project. Depending on the project, some typical NEPA compliance areas include Historic Preservation, Endangered Species, and Coastal Zone Management.  I try to have this work done within three days of the inspection. Because we work with various agencies, it’s not uncommon for a month to go by before obtaining all the information needed. 

In order to submit my NEPA packages, I must complete the following: writing the Executive Property Description, writing the Summary of the Subject Property History, completing the photo log, finalizing the site plan, and ensuring that I have all the applicable maps ready. After I package these documents up, I send off an email to the NEPA Compliance Division and they take care of the rest! And yup – you guessed it, back to Project Manager to update this completed task. 

At the end of the day, I make sure to create another To-Do list for Monday, so I can pick up right where I left off and get to work! Before departing for the weekend, my coworkers and I wish each other a happy weekend in the Microsoft Teams group chat, followed by an endless series of memes and gifs. 

I click out of my applications, shut down my laptop, and enjoy the weekend before preparing for the week ahead.  

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